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is Runescape4golds Trustworthy?

Dat weed

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Never heard of it, also those sites are a big scam 75% of the time they change their offer when they go to pay you for an account and say you can  take this or we give account back after you wait 14 days. They lowered my offer from 200 USD to 100 USD then to 75 USD. Within 14 days... They also told me one time that i recovered the account when I was the original owner and I didn't recover it, they charged back the money and I recovered the account after that and it hadn't been logged in for like 45 days. They transferred the gold off and all the bank and left it sitting in lumbridge bank. Went back to collect my gp they robbed me of they said we never bought this account from you you have the wrong site..



Not this site exactly, but sites like this, better off selling to users on here.

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Yeah sites like those are very sketchy I would not use them, if you are looking for a reliable site to sell an account on, here and playerauctions are good options. 


thanks, they should pay me 110$ in 2-3 days for this account lets see if they are legit or not, but I really doubt they will pay me

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