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A simple guide to the SDN for developers

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Let me start of with the fact that we will allow non script developers have their scripts on the repository if their script meets a certain standard. Chances are that we will ask you to become a script developer if the feedback on your script is good and if you have managed to keep your script updated. However, bare with us. Once a script is added to the repository, it's not hard to update for us. But adding it to the repository takes some time and involves more steps on our side than yours. We understand that some of you really want your script on the SDN, and we will try to make that possible, but please remember be nice about it and grant us time if all is going to slow for you.


So here we go:


Step 1.


Go to http://bitbucket.org and create a private repository.


Step 2.


Structure your repository as follows: 'repo name' / 'script name' / src / files

An example of this is as follows:




Be careful and avoid spaces.


Step 3.


Upload your script to the git and then add the user ********* to your repository. It's our repository team for the scripts, called *******.

The above censored items are censored because of security reasons. If we value your script good enough for the repo, we shall share this with you.


Step 4.


Contact an admin to add your repository as a submodule to our script repository. Also create a 180x180 image to use as a thumbnail in the store and on the script selector.


Step 5.


To add additional scripts, simply add a new directory as described in Step 2 and contact an admin to create to required sql tables for your script.


Step 6.


Notify an admin if you want your script to be updated. You have to push your latest version, and when you want, let us verify it and push it to the server.



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