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*Always* merge double posts


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Currently, double posts are not merged if your posts are being moderated after a warning. When I post something, I sometimes forget something essential that I'd like to add, therefore I post another comment. Normally, this second post (double post...) would be merged. However, if your comments have to be approved after a warning, these posts appear as a double post.



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I know I can edit posts, and I do so all the time.


You guys clearly did not read my post. I am under moderation, which means:



You have been placed on moderator queue until 02-June 13. This means that all content you submit until then will need to be approved by a moderator before it will be shown. More Details



Whenever I post something, the message will not be visible until approved by a staffmember.
If I want to edit my message, I'll have to wait until it's been approved. That's the entire point.



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