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Hello everyone,


We are glad to announce that we have updated OSBot to version BETA 1.5.x today. This release stands for the BETA of a series of random events that have been written over the past week. 


You as a community will be able to help us to straighten out all glitches, bugs and flaws and of course verify the working ones! We have tried to test them all, unfortunately it's hard to encounter all randoms and many randoms appear somewhat different each time so some but not all cases might be covered. You understand it's on our but also in your best interest to help out as a community to make them all a 100%.


The list of currently build in randoms are:


Green: Tested and verified to be working but still possibly unstable, however not at a large scale with all use cases

Orange: Untested or verified to be broken in some use cases.

  • Bank (both pin and pending pin)
  • Drill Demon
  • Evil Chicken (behaviour needs to be overridden in the random manager, to be released later this week)
  • Genie Lamp
  • Book of Knowledge
  • Freaky Forester
  • Frog Queen
  • Lost and Found (teleportation random)
  • Miles
  • Giles
  • Niles
  • Mime
  • Pillory Cage
  • Pinball
  • Molly
  • Prison Pete
  • Quiz
  • Sandwich lady
  • Strange Box
  • Strange Plant
  • Security Book
  • Talkers:
  • Rick Turpentine
  • Dr Jekyll
  • Mysterious Old Man
  • Drunken Dwarf
  • Security Guard
  • Cap 'n Hand

Missing or incomplete randoms: Surprise exam (partial but incomplete data), Mystery Box (easy, just need item ids and interface), Bob the Cat and Grave Digger (both no data)




You can verify or post bugs here: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/2287-random-events-verify-or-post-bugs-here/




You can help us out! If you are stuck in a random that is not working properly, post a bug report and if you want contact Laz, Zach or me with your account details so we can fix the bugs.


On another note, it is important that you remove any Random Event Solvers from your OSBot/script and subsequent folders if they will collide with any of the above random events. If not, the built in ones will not be activated if they try to solve the same random.


We are aiming to do bug cleaning of the randoms for the rest of the week, amongst doing the last work on the SDN.






Yours sincerely,









Just to let the developers know. The openTab() method actually did see the fix that was supposed to be in v1.4.5 this time. When we were building v1.4.5, the files were not completely updated, meaning that the openTab() fix did not make it into the release. The fix is in v1.5.1.

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my problem starts at 3:47 my cleint isnt under data folder in osbot folder.. and now administrator deleted the link to get the client for a reason im sure is important.. but now i need help with this please some 1 help me and nothing works with this new download please can an admin help me out with team viewer?


Unfortunately, I can't view that link. I'd like to keep this discussion about the latest version. So if you're still affected by v1.5.1, please summarize the problem here. If it's long, I'd appreciate it if you posted a thread in the Support section and also posted here (or PM me), linking us to the thread. I don't have a lot of free time, so it's hard to track a lot of these issues.

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