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  1. So i am playing RS3 right, and i have this clue scroll that's 05 degrees, 37 minutes north. 31 degrees 15 minuted east. Screenshot of where i am at the moment, and have dug several times http://gyazo.com/a74f483de034f97ab5723457983cc21a Screenshot of wikia help location: http://gyazo.com/81f13c957d25f7b34c14428482aab5c3 I have even tried to dig in alot of other squares too, nothing is happening. PLEASE HELP ME :'(
  2. Lol, changed the thread, no longer has my name on it. xD
  3. Wow you nub give yourself a warning point Lol, i got 2 points for gravedigging, you only got 1 for calling a mod names
  4. Lol, thanks. :P Not that good of stats though, could be better. Also, thanks for the new title. Lawl Already got the 10 views i needed
  5. I belive that Master Chief likes boys, stay away from him.
  6. Report me, nothing can happen lol, It's the "SPAM" category. ;) ;) Thanks guys got it activated right away :D
  7. 169 EDIT: Lawl Between 100-125, Umm my guess is 107
  8. Waduuuuuuuuup It's my birthday! :P
  9. Wow, sorry.. I have forgot alot of things lol, Adding it now
  10. Lawl, that's not right, let me edit that. Sorry about that :P
  11. Yes, but these are not Merching prices, I tried to avoid that.
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