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imabuffalo's Feedback

  1. LithiumVolt left Positive feedback   

    Traded eoc main for great 07 account. Went great, nice guy too!

    imabuffalo was The Seller

  2. Konloch left Positive feedback   

    I bought 10M 07 GP, I went first, had no issues at all, will be buying again!

    imabuffalo was The Seller

  3. Tazmania left Positive feedback   

    Transaction went great, highly recommended :)

    imabuffalo was The Seller

  4. Raven left Positive feedback   

    I went first on eoc, We hopped to 07 and the deal was complete. Thanks :)

    imabuffalo was The Seller

  5. Tanner left Positive feedback   

    Great trade ++rep

    imabuffalo was Trading

  6. henlips left Positive feedback   

    Traded him 20M EoC for 2M 07 GP. He's friendly and went first. Trade went well:)

    imabuffalo was The Seller

  7. Jordan left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a sig, he payed, great guy A+

    imabuffalo was The Seller

  8. Paczeh left Positive feedback   

    Bought 750k 07 GP, he went first, A+

    imabuffalo was The Seller

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