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BETA v1.4.5

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Hi community,


As I have been very busy working on randoms, I thought I should let you guys at least have one update with some small fixes. There were  several tiny issues to be solved, that I should have done earlier but didn't get around with the pressure of randoms.


Fixes include:

  • openTab() works properly again
  • getHealth() returns a proper percentage now
  • other tiny adjustments

Additions include:

  • getHeadMessage() returns the chat message above players and npc's
  • several extra methods in the API

I have been working on randoms mostly, there will be a thread with progress on that in the announcement section in a bit.


Download can be found here: http://osbot.org


Remember to refresh with CTRL + R if your browser cached the old page with the download link to BETA v1.4.4


Stay tuned!



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