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3 hours ago, kharzak said:

some tips to avoid getting banned? I only use paid scripts. I also take breaks, is there anything else I can do to avoid the ban?


1 hour ago, Ipmaes said:


Although what @Ipmaes linked is an alright thread for back then (2017 keeping in mind it was published/not been updated since) things have changed much more since those days when bans were a lot more different. It's a good thing that you're starting on paid scripts, that's a good start, you could also try mirror mode if you wish to try go a bit further which is accessible via the VIP purchase found here -

and will also get you 10% OFF your premium scripts so that's a good thing right? :) . The main thing you need to consider is what you are actually botting, i'll give it some food for thought on this example - if you're going to bot agility you are obviously going into a highly looked into skill of which you're going to likely be banned quicker, whilst if you was say doing vorkath or zulrah they would have to potentially manually catch you in game to report your name and such. It's all trial and error when it comes to bans, understanding how quickly you get banned doing one thing and trying to avoid making the same move multiple times after can often help

The basic principle on that thread about quests though, that is correct but most people just bot the basic quests straight off tutorial island or they do the basic routes that the people who bot also use like cooks assistant/imp catcher etc so by default jagex are like right this is a bot and bye to it

You could manually train for a bit or even a couple of quests, leave it to rest a day or two just make it look more human like. So the whole "play for 4 hours a day, 10 hours a week" is somewhat true, but not at the point of being completely true, yes it's obvious we are not in the golden age of RS anymore where we was able to get away with a lot more due to less bot detection but we're also in a positive place where we are able to in fact do a lot more to gain the revenue we want in return. You need to consider what you are doing wrong though, as not every situation is the same for each person, again going back to the agility thing I may be able to bot to 99 agility while you can only get to say 50 without being hit, me and @Muffins actually did the same via @Khaleesi motherlode mine script back in the day and we raced to 85 mining if I remember rightly at MLM and he beat me, I got banned and stopped lol

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