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How long does it take before I get banned

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I currently do not bot, I just recently started to play this game for the first time in many years. However, I did a mistake 2 days ago. I was alching and my drunk brain got the idea of setting up mousekeys so thats what I did and I was just holding down my finger on button "5" and it acted like a autoclicker but I didnt think much about it at that time. Im not banned yet, how long time does it take for them to ban me? Or did I survive it? It must been a high detected method since it was mousekeys and I just pressed down button 5 =instant clicks all the time, no delay like a regular autoclicker.

I did this for 1h or 1h 15 minutes, dont remember exactly. And I let go of the button maybe 3 times, when I was going to toilet etc . So quick pauses.

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17 minutes ago, rycka123 said:

Use proxy + mirror mode + premium script and goodluck

Did you even read what he wrote? :D 

To OP, If you didn't get banned already high chance you did survive if you are still alive by this time tomorrow I'd bet that you managed to slip up this time :) 

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People say that delayed bans are up to 2 months which I think is very rarely the case(I think it's false). They usually ban you pretty quick. On my high ban rate farms, they could get the hammer the next day, or in waves, usually after the weekend. The longest delayed ban I've ever received is two weeks. If you're still not banned after Monday, you're probably fine. Please use an auto-clicker with reaction times in between the next time you auto-clicker lol.

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