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  1. I was standing in a odd location but was babysitting and I guy ran up to me and said "sup bot" and I answered immediately and he ran away so I think I was safe. Then today a different guy stood like 10m away from me, didnt write anything. I dont know if he reported me or not, do ppl usually write something to see if its a bot or do they just report based on the mining location?
  2. Insane! Do you feel like its safer to do it there rather than the mining guild?
  3. I heard that its safer to do mining in different location seems like mining guild is a bit of a hotspot but isnt wierd standing in lovakengj or soul wars for example? Is there any legit player doing other locations than mining guild?
  4. Ok so I should first log out from my account, install the plugin, change the setting for autoreport, then login and check?
  5. Hi! Is it possible somehow to use the bot detector plugin maybe once a week to check my bot prediction without accidentally report myself?
  6. May i ask why you leave the account for 2 weeks after you been playing for 1-2 weeks? Is it just so the account gets a little bit older before you bot?
  7. I currently do not bot, I just recently started to play this game for the first time in many years. However, I did a mistake 2 days ago. I was alching and my drunk brain got the idea of setting up mousekeys so thats what I did and I was just holding down my finger on button "5" and it acted like a autoclicker but I didnt think much about it at that time. Im not banned yet, how long time does it take for them to ban me? Or did I survive it? It must been a high detected method since it was mousekeys and I just pressed down button 5 =instant clicks all the time, no delay like a regular autoclicker. I did this for 1h or 1h 15 minutes, dont remember exactly. And I let go of the button maybe 3 times, when I was going to toilet etc . So quick pauses.
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