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John Wick

Ban using remote desktop

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Anyone have ever experienced this too ? I was perm banned¬†in 5 accounts¬†today, training them using windows remote desktop, some i only completed tutorial island. In appeal request (looks like¬†automated)¬†they say "There is no suggestion that the offence was applied in error."¬†ūü§®

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33 minutes ago, GameDance said:

Ya. I use remote and never had that happened. If you bot at anytime then that is probably the case.

i was playing without using bot

16 minutes ago, BloodyNoah said:

What client did you use?

runelite, the remote desktop software come with windows

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2 minutes ago, GameDance said:

Bans can happen due to botting the day before too. If your not confident with remote access then I suggest not to use it anymore. 

yah i know, but as i said i didn't use any bot software in these accounts that's why i asking if anyone got issues with remote desktop too.

I will make more 1 or 2 account today again to see if they get ban tomorrow too. Yesterday one account i did only tutorial island and logout

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