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Is Mirrored Mode Dangerous Now? [4Bans One Day]

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I'm an avid Botter - i've achieved a magnitude of 99s and encountered the occasional quashed 2day ban.

HOWEVER, Since this update - I turn on VPN / Proxifier and mirror my OSRS Client. I've received 4 bans on 4 seperate accounts. 

I Even connected to my next door neibhours WiFi to ensure the background IP Was completely different to my own, should the cloak fail at any point.

2x Permanent Bans (99 Range account running the Hunter AIO Bot + a Mixed med account running Hunter AIO). 

2x 2Day Bans.  (Includes a 96 slayer, Quest Cape Account - which yes, I shouldn't bot on anything I wish to lose but I was on it for 99 prayer and nothing else (FROM 92) ) 


Duration of running was 3hours with 4 hour break intervals for the Hunter AIO however I believe this is what got me caught? or is this now just compromised (the client) due to the recent update?

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