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False feedback or trying to scam me

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Dispute member: @lafinte

Why it should be removed: I havent recovered his account and how the hell did he recover the account if he has no owners information? Its either 1 of these: Hes trying to get 75m back he paid me or hes trying to figure out some kind of an amount he "had" in bank and he framed this situation to get me in position where im suppost to pay him everything he "lost" and he paid me. There is just no way he could have recovered without any information, he claimed he did. Very sketchy! You mods decide, ive let him as well know that i open this about the situation because he didnt report me and i told him to do it but he has not done it.

Details: https://imgur.com/a/tv9IJaV

Link to topic: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/163480-s-cmb-122-max-flats-account-75m-osrs-only/

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