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Macro detection

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hey so just curious , i know alot of players use a macro creator to do simple tasks like teleport alch, alch, and even some skilling .

i was thinking of making a macro recording for like an hour of me doing some bank skilling, im curious can jagex actually detect the macro  playing? or is it more of a they can monitor your mouse movements/clicks and ban you based off repetitiveness ? 

because hoenstly an hour long macro recording of say fletching, making wines, or alching would have authentically random mouse movements and clicks over the course of an hour, so would one say that may actually be safer than running a common script ?

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I heared that if what they look at usage of F-keys, mouse movement etc when deciding if someone got an infernal cape by himself or was helped. So thats what they probally use to decide if someone is a bot or nah, if it differs from what the user normally does then probally its a bot. So recording ur own movement would probally be the best option yes. 

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