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New Mouse and Hardware Mouse Documentation

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6 minutes ago, z10n said:

Hi, where can I read New Mouse and Hardware Mouse Documentation? To read all official information about new mouse, and hardware mouse? thanks!

I'm not sure this is anything that will ever be documented for the same reason that Jagex doesn't document their bot detection methods.


The API documentation is really all we need to know :doge:

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5 hours ago, z10n said:

What Im asking is, is the 'New Mouse' More humanlike? Based upon human data etc?


Hardware mouse is pretty straightforward, hardware mouse is used.

I mean... This is about all you get https://osbot.org/api/org/osbot/rs07/event/interaction/MouseMoveProfile.html

It's a lot better than the old mouse in terms of looking humanlike but it doesn't use human data in the way I think you're asking(Like AI Deep Learning).


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