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chainbanned while using proxies

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I bought 3 accounts with 60att,str,def and botted some requirements on it for a farm i'm trying to start.

Also bought 3 proxies for them cause the requirements are kinda expensive.

but still they got chainbanned within 10 seconds, how is this possible.

I know i have to be careful with ip switches, and surely with chaning timezones drastically.

But still how do they all get banned within 10 seconds while all having different IP's

the proxies i bought we're from ProxyFish.com, never had any problems with these proxies tho.

any thoughts? since i'm new to botting, and im serious about starting a farm

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Jagex don't ban you the exact same second they came to decision that they will ban you they usually ban in waves so if your 3 accounts got caught the proxies didn't matter since they got caught indipendently. This is even more likely since it seems that those 3 accounts were made exactly the same and botting the same thing.

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