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The Devil

irwtonrs1 Your Qanon conspiracy failed.

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Note for the mods: This person has been posting Qanon conspiracy on this website and I'm assuming what happened in the US on the 6th is something they align their conspiracy with. I want to know what they have to say. I do not plan to judge or trash or cause any escalation. I don't follow Qanon and am genuinely curious about whether or not "something huge is about to happen" has yet to come.

@irwtonrs1 If the siege on the Capitol was part of your Qanon conspiracy you have been talking about it clearly failed terribly. Whether this is what you align your Qanon posts with or not, what was your thought not only on the siege, but how it was carried out.

Is there a "Backup plan"?

How do you feel about Trump supporters now calling the people who sieged the Capital "antifa actors"? Who are generally called "gay" and "trans".

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On 1/8/2021 at 8:19 PM, The Devil said:

Maybe @irwtonrs1 is still in DC or pulled An Hero after there was no "storm" and realizes the cult that they've fallen into.

The world isn't a RPG game Qanon nerds, you cant just reach the chamber and expect a multi choice dialogue to appear to finish the game.

wait.. its not an RPG ? *logs out*

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