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What do you guys put for break time iterations?

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1 hour ago, nickng33 said:

Sorry I'm pretty sure this has been asked many times before. But  what do you guys set for break time usually? 60 minutes botting, 120 minutes break?


Right now I am working on Blast Furnace and Agility

no one can give you a good answer because different things work for different people. It sounds like you're doing high ban rate skills so if I was you I would keep run-time to a minimum with a long break inbetween as well as doing some other skills inbetween. Agility is a pain, I personally did agility through barbarian fishing to skip the early levels. Since blast furnace also has the potential to make you money I would consider it to be a higher ban rate as activities which make money tend to be higher ban rate. Personally, I usually do a 2-4 hour run-time with a 3-6 hour break, thats just me and it's worked great however, due to account profiling and how you've played the account legit, I would personally bot it how you've played. IF you can only manage playing 1 hour at a time and don't log back in for 3 hours, do the same with your breaks.

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