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How long do P2P accounts last when botting? (with using proxies)

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One would think that using proxies actually increase ban rates, rather than decreases. My experiences come from several years of professional sysadmin duties and I would say that determining which connections are tunneled through data center is fairly easy, just by looking who owns the IP.

I am not saying that using proxies makes 0 sense - as they make it harder to chain ban accounts.

When it comes to RuneScape ban rates in general, I am not entitled to answer that question. Sorry.

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Expanding on the variation of activities depending on whether you bot for 1hr to 12hrs, run high banrate activities such as runecrafting and click intensive lengthy bots, poorly written scripts, or flagged proxy ips. All this and more plays a part. Depending on how long you want to go flag free you must account for everything even how many people run the script. Little things like manual breaks from botting for clue scrolls for example help, along with interacting with people that could be potential reporters

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