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  1. Hello, u need to have deposit for work with any user looking for worker this is for warranty per account/work, some people do not ask for a deposit but it is hard to get that contact, good luck and greetings!
  2. I have experience in making quest, if you want you can PM me and mention economic prices
  3. I have added human touch to the bots and they survive a little more with proxies, if you make a chain of repetitive events, if you don't chat, you don't trade, so don't missclick, that counts in the proxies and it's easier to detect a bot with proxie
  4. Free VPN Ips are very bad and many have used them for bots, it is very likely that you will be banned at first
  5. I don't understand this post, the images don't work, why doesn't he edit it?
  6. PC of acc: 1#Account -Mining 60 -Coal bag -57 agility + Graceful outfit 2#Account -Mining 60 -Coal bag -60 smithing 3#Account -Mining 85 -prospector outfit
  7. So you have to look for what a client or several clients need
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