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Why are people so stupid?


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Same goes to you, ive seen atleast 7 threads like this

Prove your claim; link me to at least 7. I posted this as more of a discussion.


People don't know to check before posting, or the site may be confusing to them. Not everyone is really good at using forums. 

I know forums are confusing, so I don't entirely blame people asking the same questions when their is a thread answering it, but when people post on a thread that the first post has all the information you need, yet they proceed to just post. Get what I mean?

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Sorry but not everyone is as perfect as you are.

I am no where near perfect. I didn't mean this as insulting. This was more part of my curiosity on why they think that way.


I simply ignore them and go about my day. Doesn't really have an effect on my life at all.

I do, too. I am sure scripters can agree that they get asked the same questions many times. I don't like to ignore people, so I tend to still reply.


People that are stupid doesnt realise they are stupid and ppl who are pretending that they are allready klnow that so that isnt a rly good question...

The best thing you can do is just to ignore them and proceed regardless what they say.

This was not meant to be insulting. I was just curious to know why they thought that way.


they has no edumacation


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Do you often ridicule people who don't understand concepts as well as you do? Is it something you enjoy? If they haven't visited a forum before, they might not know where/how to find something, or not realise that they should search before posting.

First off, calm down. Secondly, I don't mean it in an insulting way as I have mentioned throughout the thread. I meant it as a way to understand how people thing.


I rarely ridicule people. I personally don't understand a lot of stuff myself. Even if you never visited a forum, the first thing you go to when you use a script is the first post. The first post usually contains a bunch of information. So why would one post about an issue that is answered on the first post is what I am trying to figure out.

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