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[Stable] OSBot 2.5.87

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6 hours ago, Gunman said:

Completely new mouse algorithm Patty's been working on.

The only thing I know the mouse seems to do is it will move slower when the move needs to move shorter distances and faster on longer distances. Has a lot of variables the scripters can tweak that the old mouse didn't. Some being Flow Variety, Deviation, Flow speed, Over shooting, noise, and a few I missed and more to soon be on the list.

sounds brilliant! 

yay for updates!

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10/10 love the update, great work! Thank you to all who were involved ( New-ish here, spent over 100 bucks on scripts and ive tried most other bot clients, osbot is far better imo than all the other clients and the scripters that provide to osbot are amazing, pro's! <3

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18 hours ago, Yambi said:

How does the new mouse compare to the old one in terms of speed ? Is it slower? As I remember in update 2.5.86 I was getting slightly lower rates , but thought asking might be a good idea.


Thank you

I believe by default it's currently a bit slower. But scripters now have the posibility to tweak the speed accordingly to their scripts.

On 7/30/2020 at 3:22 PM, shahzar said:

Why does it say bot initialization error each time i try to start it?

No idea, could be multiple issues. Post in the correct section and some people might be able to help you out in there.

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