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Best way to bot magic


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High alching is relatively safe. Hundreds if not thousands of people have gotten 55-99 with autoclicking, botting, ghostmousing High alch.

You can splash low level spells with -65 magic bonus. That grants you around 13k xp/ph with fire strke.

You could use scripts like Czar Perfect Magic, or any other to do different types of spells as well, such as enchanting.

Take a look at the OSRS Wiki and see if you find anything that you like:



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My 2c, mouse record magic. Theres a ton of diff recorders, for alching its not important which one. I record 1k alchs. You can repeat that to 99. I do like 8 hours a day, just standing at the ge banker. I world hop every 2k or so in case some guy sees me standing there all day.


Autoclicker takes less effort but making a 1 hour recording isnt much effort compared to manually getting 99. 

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1 minute ago, mond1 said:

but autoclicking is less random, cliking every x ms on same spot..

You know there's autoclickers that let's you custom the clicks right? You get to make it choose a random ms for mouse downs and mouse ups right? And pick a random time when it clicks like a random ms between 3000ms and 6000ms

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On 5/8/2020 at 7:15 AM, mond1 said:

thanks. what is the safest way to high alch? botting or autocliking? any good autoclickers?

I would personally bot and take regular breaks, also bot somewhere you will minimise players reporting you. e.g your poh. Also be sure to use mirror mode as your'e vip because it runs the bot through the osrs client and highly reduces ban rates imo 

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