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Your best bet is to give it a couple months if you genuinely want to recover the account. If you google 'appeal a ban' the first link is a Jagex link which gives you the option to appeal a ban even though you don't get the option through your account services. Just remember you only get 1 chance at an appeal. So like I said, best bet is to give it a few months at the bare minimum before you try an appeal. I just recovered an account that had a perm macro ban which got banned in November last year. Just admit you broke the rules when you appeal. GL.

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Hard to get back your account that fast. Tipically appeals are accepted for ban few years old. Happened to me, level 3 account no other stats, quests etc. just 83 mining fully botted appealed. Banned in 2017. Other account 50/50 hand and botting, all skills above +50, a lot of quests etc., didn't get accepted. Banned in early 2019

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