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  1. I’m interested in account 4 mate, what price are you looking for?
  2. Welcome to the community & good luck with your account goals, would definitely recommend VIP and using the mirror mode client if you're getting back into botting. GL.
  3. I'm sure OP is aware he won't be able to sell/trade without the required feedback etc. Back to the account value, he has rigour and augury, which is roughly 55m alone, how could you value his account at 60-100m when his prayers and untradables amount to that, not even taking into consideration almost 200 QP's, and 90+ ranged/mage? Account is worth at least 150m.
  4. I have this starter main available if you're interested, everything on the account has been done by hand, approx 2.5m bank value. Has graceful hood/body and 19 marks in bank.
  5. Are you looking for a starter main or a fully established main?
  6. Your best bet is to give it a couple months if you genuinely want to recover the account. If you google 'appeal a ban' the first link is a Jagex link which gives you the option to appeal a ban even though you don't get the option through your account services. Just remember you only get 1 chance at an appeal. So like I said, best bet is to give it a few months at the bare minimum before you try an appeal. I just recovered an account that had a perm macro ban which got banned in November last year. Just admit you broke the rules when you appeal. GL.
  7. That's probably worth more then I'm willing to pay, what price are you looking for?
  8. Looking for a Zulrah ready account with base level stats, preferably around 80 ranged/mage with all quest requirements completed. Cheers
  9. Any reason why this got taken down, Project?
  10. BUMP. Account is back for sale, have updated some stats and quests since last post. Feel free to PM me any offers or comment on this thread. Looking to sell the account urgently. Cheers.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for someone creative to design me a company logo for an online business I have up and coming. If anyone is interested feel free to reply to me on this thread or PM me! - Menzo.
  12. Was just giving it a crack on here as I would make an offer with gp or possibly an account depending on the deal. Blowing real money is last resort. I might PM you in regards to that site though, had a look there the other week for this exact reason but couldn't really find anything of interest.
  13. Sup fam, I'm looking to buy an Instagram account that has fitness follower base either somewhat, or completely. Does not have to be 100% active follower base but I require to see stats regarding account prior to purchasing. For anyone interested in as to why, this is as business motive. Cheers, Menzo.
  14. As the title says, looking to buy a Fortnite account with the skull trooper skin. Can pay with any of the following rs gold/rs accounts/paypal. Hit me up with prices if you're interested. Cheers Menzo.
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