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False feedback

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Were taking for a few days on Discord, reported a bug of khal caged ogres.
I asked him for more info and he didn't wanan give any, asked him muleiple times.

I ran 3 accs trough it for almost 24h with breaks, all different setup.
No issue .. Nobody else reported it and asked  afriend to tets and it worked fine.

He started to flame me and got angry, I blocked hima nd banned him from my discord channel.
After that he gaave me false feedback and he started to post fals einfo on my topics.

Chekc my feedback

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Removed feedback. @Wattebelje1 you are not allowed to give users feedback for non-market transactions such as script sales. If you have an issue with the script you can post a refund request but you need to show proof that the scripter was not willing to fix whatever what as wrong.

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