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First of all, sorry for my bad english, this is just some information of tests im making with free scripts (SDN and unofficial)

I have created 10 accounts yesterday,  I have used 3 diferent tutorial scrips on 9 of them(3+3+3) and used 7Questpoints scrips on 2 of each (tutorial bots).

All accounts created, I suicided them all till 60 Woodcutting:

All accounts that I botted tutorial island got Ban today, the only one I made for myself survived.

today im testing only using 7qp scripts (yes, I made 10 tutorial island on diferent accounts today) then suiciding WC and will post more info here but for now tutorial bots are 100% ban for me


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no surprise a suicide bot gets banned after a day but  could be useful over the weekends, usually will have multiple suicide bots going but the only ones that get knocked off before monday were doing same activity or did a quest I didn't on the others. Also I can tutorial island bot accounts and rest them without bans but cant tutorial island + a few quests and have it rest which shows the quests were getting the bans

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20 hours ago, powerrangeralt said:

Tutorial and anything after immediately botting is probably going to get you a ban no matter how good your scripts are. No legitimate players do tutorial island and then jump to 7QP and then go chop wood for 6 hours straight

That's it. If you don't want to be insta banned try to bot like a legit player

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