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I got banned again. I just don't know what to do. If it's the script, client, hours played or everything. I made 2 accounts and 1 was banned

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Alright time to write another post and share my botting experience.

So after getting a 2 day ban on my main, and 2 day ban on my alt. I decided to create 2 new accounts to bot.  I created them on the same ip and at the same time. On the day of creation i completed the tutorial island manually on both of them. Then I logged in again on those accounts 7 days later and completed cooks assistant, sheep sheerer and romeo juliet to get me 7 qp so i can trade over a bond. Then 7 days later I traded bond on both of those account and made them both members. I did the starters quest like tourist trap, witches potion , waterfall, digsite, and gnome village and all those quests so I dont have to bot the early levels since they have the high ban rate. The goal was to get to 1750 total. I used stealth mode since mirror mode last time got me banned cuz it kept breaking the scripts.

Both bots have different proxies, one is from Budapest and other from Vancouver. I played both of them very similarly but one got banned with Budapest ip and the other is still alive. The banned account had similar stats to this image attached. Total level was 500 plus and quest points were in 40s. The bot lasted for about 2-3 weeks. I got banned on Monday or sunday because I played legit/botted a lot on the long weekend of July 1st. Probably 6-8 hours on the weekend before I got busted.

Play style consisted of 2 -3 quests, rune wc script, run fish script, run agility script do more quests and rune thieving script etc. The main focus was on agility and thieving though. 

Currently I am bottling the other account for 2 hours in morning and 2 hours at night. I am not gonna waste my time and do quests on it since ill get banned anyways. Idk what to do anymore, I use mirror mode I get banned, I play normally between botting sessions i get banned, I use proxies i get banned. Nothing works.

I just want to train agility and I am not gonna sit there and waste 100  hrs doing it. Thats torture. Jagex actually wants to torture us by making us do shitty skills like thieving runecrafting and agility. Meanwhile zulrah, kurask, staking bots, bounty hunter bots and other gold farm bots earn billions of GP per week.  But when legit players want to bot agility from 75-89 we get banned instantly lmao.  They need to monitor gold farmers that are pumping billions of gp in game, not legit players who trained their accounts 99% legit but just dont want to do damn agility.

 I work 8 hours a day and live a busy life, I am not gonna waste life doing shitty skills in runescape


Future Plan:

I suspect its the scripts that are getting me banned, even though they are paid scripts the market is too saturated. Too many people have same scripts that do the same thing.

My agility bot walks the same pattern over and over. I may have to learn scripting so I can create bots for personal use and create specialized scripts. Don't know how I can start creating my own bots on osbot though.




bot stats.PNG

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57 minutes ago, Easy Money said:

you are getting banned because you are botting. Botting main accounts is not the way of going about it. You are better off paying someone to do it. How much did u spend on vip, scripts, proxies ect..

I have like 7 -8 paid scripts and had to buy members for osrs accounts and then VIP. Probably 200+.

Then how else am I suppose to get 90 agility on my accounts. Mains seem to have the lowest ban rate. new accounts gets insta ban thats why I have to train them and make 

it look like I am making a main. I tried botting only agility and that got banned really fast so I thought diversifying would help a little.

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48 minutes ago, potoghi said:

Add more botting accounts and trial and error your accounts. You will be banned regardless; however, there may be ways to prevent bans but you have to figure out how and why they're getting banned by testing what works and doesn't work.

There has to be someone who got 90 agility and runecrafting through botting man. Someone step up and spill the secret already I have got so many accounts banned.

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