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Best settings? Bot reaction time 1000ms or?

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Hey folks. Been playing RS3 for a few years, did some botting on my main and never had any issues (this was years ago tho, and I don't even remember what program I used).
Stopped playing for like 3+ years. Now returned and moved to OSRS because obvious reasons. Never used OSBot, but after looking around, looks to be the most trustworthy etc.

Using a 44 day old Members Hardcore Ironman account with 1100 total level that was all done manually. It's basically my main, so if I lose it I'll probably just insta-quit lmao.
Now starting to bot just the really boring stuff that I hate (thieving and possibly fishing only). Everything else will be done manual.
Using Mirrored mode for increased safety. Probably won't even go for 99 straight up but stop at some high level point like eg. 91-94.

I've done a lot of reading and checked out a lot of posts but I've still a question about 'reaction time' that I couldn't find an answer to.

What's the recommended "Reaction time" for safety? I've been using 1000ms for 2 days now. It's a bit slow for sure, maybe a little too slow that it actually looks kinda sketchy, so I'm surprised this is the default. Though I don't mind it being slow, as long as it's safe. I've seen some people say you should go as low as 50ms which seems kinda insane and like it would be detected very easily. 1000ms just seems too slow and kinda sketchy. I'm definitely a fast player but obviously after a couple of hours I slow down a bit. Anyway I'd like some feedback on what is a good reaction time to pick.

Thanks for any answers and good luck out there.

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Don't bot an account you don't want to lose - and it sounds like you don't want to lose that. 


I'm not sure there's a "best" reaction time. Generally speaking, the less clicks the better, and I imagine the higher the reaction time the more realistic it looks (less perfect, looks like you're watching netflix while ya play or some shit)

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For high competitive scripts you almost certainly always lose if you have anything above half a tick's worth of reaction timer (300ms+), think of the reaction timer like 'ping/latency' in gaming, everything is 1 second too late, so the client will tell the script that, when mining, the rock has spawned 1 entire second later than normal, which means normal human players have already probably mined it depending on which rock it is.

On the other hand, some scripts may benefit from a longer delay, such as non-competitive methods, fighting safe npcs, mining in an area with a lot of rocks (motherlode), agility etc etc because it is less 'robotic/fast' which can result in more humanlike reactions and responsiveness. I would say a longer reaction timer is more safe, IMO - I even asked the dev of mirror a while back (years ago) and they said it is much better to increase the reaction timer for bans.

Careful though, nothing can be proven of course.

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Thanks. I'm just using your thieving bot at the moment Czar. My exp rate is probably significantly lower than most people's with 1000ms time but what-ever is safest is best.

I don't want to lose the account but I am also not spending 5 days pick-pocketing or blackjacking. So I don't care too much if I lose the account. If I get a temp I'll stop, if I get a permanent I'll make a new account I guess. I'm pretty confident I should be able to get to 84 thieving without even getting flagged though. Gone from 50 to 72 in just 2 afternoons. Taking a beak now tho.

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