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RWT Bans

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Are these automated or looked into? Have 1b on my acc after selling around 500m in the past 2 days, It is a main account that I've been playing for around a month and it isn't a mule/bot of any nature, I've just been doing a lot of staking with some spare cash I had and have traded 200-500m back and forth consistently. Any worry? what to do with the raw 1b in cash sitting on acc for worries?

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After a bit of thought on this myself, I wouldnt worry too much about RWT bans.

Unless one of your gold farms gets banned and theres an obvious muling to that "local bank account".

In my eyes, gold sellers makes the game more enjoyable and easier to get into.

I've never had a ban from RWT, and have traded quite a few hundred mills now. (even to new level 3 accounts)

My guess is as long as youre a runescape member, not abusing the game too much, you'll be fine man.

Good luck

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