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question about dedicated servers


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32GB should be fine any of the newer E5 or E3 servers should work. Install proxmox install a windows VPS with all the things you need on it. Take a snapshot and close additional VPS's that you need for 20 bots and run 1-2 bots on each VPS or how have you. If you need any additional help I sent you over a pm feel free to ask anything you want I'm a guru in the field. 

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I like to overestimate how much each client will use in RAM at about 1k/client. 

My script only uses 300-400 Ram per client but I made my script very efficient. I would say the average SDN script can range from 700-1k especially with loading webwalker. 

For 20 bots, you can probably go with 24GB ram but I would recommend 32GB Ram to be on the safe side unless you know what you're doing. 

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5 hours ago, gnome1 said:

thank you guys

@Juggles and how do you know which cpu can handle certain amount of bots

main goal is to have 100-200 bots running, 20 each dedi (if thats the most effective way to do it)

run the script to see how much ram is used. I made my own scripts very efficient to maximize my servers and reduce costs 

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