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Webwalking to Lava Dragon Isle


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I'm trying to webwalk from the wilderness lever (from edgeville) to the Lava Dragon Isle. The shortest way is to just go through the web up north & then go past the hellhounds to the south (& through the gate), but for some reason he keeps using the wilderness lever to ardougne.

I thought it was because the web wasn't slashed, but even after I manually slashed the web he does the same thing.

Any idea why?

Thanks in advance,



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1 hour ago, GPSwap said:

Well if the webwalk isn't doing it just make a path and do it that way, its better for your ram usage anyway 

Ah alright, didn’t think of that possibility but that should work, thanks!

Does making a path instead of webwalking increase banrate? & is it interesting to create multiple possible paths & then randomize between those?

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4 hours ago, GPSwap said:

osbots path walking system randomizes around the path points anyway 

Alright thanks mate!

3 hours ago, Tom said:

Check the logger to see if it is filled with webwalking errors. If it is, the link probably needs to be added by @Patrick

It’s not, probably because it thinks it’s taking the right path by using the lever.

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