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Price check - Main account 2k+ total level


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2k+ total level

Lumbridge (No need for Dramen Staff), Fremennik(Noted Bones), Varrock(BattleStaves), Western Province(Elite Void) Elite Diary Completion

All but Kourend hard diaries completed.

Almost all quests done (missing recent theatre of blood and troll quests)

100 percent Kourend Favour for all houses


Rigour, Augury, Perserve unlocked

Book of Darkness and Law

Full elite void (including all helmets)

Fighter Torso

Dragon Defender 

Tentacle Whip

Ava Assembler (Vorkath version)

Mage Cape II

Full Graceful

Angler, Rogue, Lumberjack, Prospector(Varrock Elite Top rather than Prospector jacket)

Slayer Helm,Salve Amulet ei , Berserker Ring, Archer Ring, Seer Ring, Ring of Suffering (all imbued)

Arclight w/ Max charges and a ton of ancient shard

10+ Skotizo Totems

BoneCrusher - Hard Diary variant

Herb Pouch

Rune Pouch

Rocky(thieving), Skotizo, Chompy Pets

Fire Cape

Barrow Gloves 

Holy Wrench and most useful quest items

House w/ Ornate Pool, portals and fairy ring ( NO MAXED JEWELRY BOX but only needs 1 more construction level to unlock it)

Ability to make Slayer Rings and Broad Bolts



~Recent 2 day temp ban (got bored and tried to see if I could make some irl money by botting zulrah since I am no longer active )


~I own the email used to login to the account and the email used for communications( password changes, email changes);

~First time seller





Screenshot (25).jpg

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Extra stuff added into untradeables
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