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LOOT all items beneath u


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Im looking for a way to pick up all items that appear beneath u literally ALL in the spot u are standing on, I've found this snippet but now instead of item 1 2 etc it needs to be all and only items on myposition

GroundItem gI = getGroundItems().closest("item1", "item2");
if (gI != null) gI.interact("Take");
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List<GroundItem> groundItems = getGroundItems().get(myPlayer().getX(), myPlayer().getY());
groundItems.forEach(groundItem -> {
	if(groundItem != null){
  		groundItem.interact("take"); // not sure if the interact is 'take'

// This will spam and you will have to put a type of sleep that you prefer

This is just off my head but this is about it. Maybe a syntax error somewhere but you should be able to fix it.

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1 hour ago, legacyZZ said:

Thank you @dreameo this worked, do u know by any chance everytime closest door is closed automatically open it and repeat procces , without moving


Those 2 things are only thing i cant seem to figure out in my whole script

RS2Object door = getObjects().closest(o -> o.getName().equals("Door") && o.hasAction("Open"));


or something like that xD

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