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Opinions on Jordan Peterson?


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He's a master man, already watched all his vids and learned a lot... doing discussions and ease them up, when asked multiple questions attacking you just repeat each question individually, not seeing it as a whole and letting run over you. Using his techniques you'll get better but being self confidence is something you'll need to learn for yourself, not one youtube vid is going to do this. Keep calm during disputes or discussions or you will seem like the one defending your story, rather then just proving the truth to someone...?

edit: "useful for men born with low t" ?? never too old to learn, always keep improving yourself!

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3 hours ago, Turkoize said:

useful for men born with low t

so useful for you?

2 hours ago, raikzun420 said:

Best guy ever. He should run for president.
I really like the video with the feminist reporter interviewing him, trying to make him shut up.
That woman gets rekted totally.

This video should be enough proof that he should run for president :D

This is how i first seen him, was looking up arguments against feminism. He shut her down to the point to where she started agreeing with him.

2 hours ago, liverare said:

In a nutshell...

I laughed but im pretty sure he does a lot for free :)

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I used to listen to him, but one day I woke up and realized my youtube feed was full of him, and others like him, and politics. Most of the stuff he talks about is negative, and undoubtedly only listening to negative people will have an enormous effect on you. I'm much happier now that I cut him, and the likes of him, out of my life. As a side note I already have a clean enough room, I wash my genitals and I am not on a mission to change the world.

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He's alright. I agree with most of what he says. I think he's wrong with a couple of things and people will celebrate it. He sure knows how to debate and have an argument which definitely helps him win even losing scenarios.


He does make a lot of sense with certain things and mentioned a couple of stuff I didn't think of. He says a lot of things that you already know to be true, you only don't really think into it unless it's mentioned.

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