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My Analysis of Botting


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Hello to all botters,

I am going to report on my findings throughout the week of my botting experience. I have had four accounts accounts banned with my first account surviving for 4 days, second account surviving half a day ( suicide botted to try and figure out how fast a ban can occur ) , third account survived for 2 days , and my fourth account ( just now ) banned after 2 days.

I had bought Juggle's Progressive Fighter Script to bot with for all my accounts and used free scripts for skills. My Plan to obtaining a main account is to bot so I would have 500 skill lvl so I can enter the restricted worlds and not be as suspicious when botting. My friend has actually managed to do this and make enough to buy a bond and play membership after 2 weeks of botting. ( He started a week earlier )

My first account managed to bot to lvl 50 attack & defence and lvl 51 str along with lvl 32 prayer ( Mage and range exp at the time was from quests ). This account got banned at barbarian village during which I used a free script to bot fishing from level 25 to 54. Somehow I think botting at a hotspot was the reason why I got caught. I was botting 1 hr going into 10 min breaks for about 6-8 hours a day at different times ( Morning Afternoons and Evenings ) for all my skills.

My second account as stated was a suicide bot, where I botted non-stop for 12 hours straight while I slept. The account was quickly banned.

What is interesting to me is the ban for my third account and fourth account ( both being botted at 2 hours and 30 minutes breaks for 5-7 hours a day)

In both account I reached approximately lvl 30 -35 ish melee stats as well as did quests for range and mage exp. Both these accounts had no exp in the skills except from quests. When I was approaching the level where i could equip Rune Armour I would ask my friend mentioned above to give me GP. The third account received 150k whilst botting woodcutting and got banned 30 minutes later when my friend and I were playing another game together. My fourth account seems to have been banned in a similar manner when I received 50k while botting cows. ( I turned off the bot at midnight and woke up to the ban today ).

I hypothesise that a large ( or what jagex deems to be a large ) influx of GP into an account will trigger the instant ban when your account is being watched. I believe that as you begin botting Jagex will be scrutinizing your every move and that the focus on your account will decay overtime, or when you obtain something that bots don't normally obtain ( membership ). I truly believe that the GP trades are what triggered their system and got me banned. So as word of advice, once you get some decent combat stats, I think you should look at money making options and skill legit for a good portion of your skills.

For now I will be botting at 23 - 7 minutes at a time and will tell you guys how it goes.

Edit: Asked my friend about his mule account. His mule account got banned for 2 days after he traded some Gp to it from his botted main

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