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What are some good coding practices I should research?


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I'm currently a few scripts deep in my learning journey ( 1 year in )  so that's good but... I want to ascend to that next level. 
I want Monster scripts that are simple but complex, beautiful code practice like never seen before!!!!
I don't plan on going to university to practice Variables for 6 months, But I don't know my bad habits from my good ones :feels: 

To be clearer, I want to become an excellent Osbot Scripter so any key programming concepts and practices that helped you on your journey please let me know and I will begin the study/buy the course.

The thing is that I've scrolled most the tutorials on here, but it's kind of a needle in the haystack and it only gets you so far... it's 2019. 
Half my time is spent jumping thread to thread for tiny answers you know?
So If you could please spare some wisdom I would be 1 happy guy.

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Scripting is a good place to start programming, but it wont take you long to realize its just lacking the freedom of having your own project and trying new things. So if you want to advance in just general programming knowledge, take up a project of your own, be it refractor someone elses code to new practices or create something of your own. Read wikipedia articles, watch pluralsight videos or anything of that sort. I do reccomend reading a few books like "Head first into java", "effective java" and so on. But programming is a long windy road, there really arent any shortcuts to take, you just need to put in work and try new stuff.

Wrapping it up, drop scripting for now, learn from your own projects, other opensource projects and then come back to scripting. This in term should allow you to create your own elaborate scripts, rather than relying on other peoples code snippets.

Also variables (data types) have much more to it than you think, if you start digging into mutables/immutables, where in the jvm they are allocated and stuff like that. So 6 months about variables is reasonable as I suspect it should cover much more than the different data types.

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You probably have a good grasp of things by now it seems, though it is my recommendation to get a personal project going pick something you have no idea how to do and do it. I've always loved but sucked terribly at machine learning, and though I'd say I'm still awful I've come a long way as a diverse programmer because of it. I managed to find the old guide I used to get into it with python and if this is something you're interested in too I'd check it out!

Next would be to participate/contribute to discussions wherever you are, I've always found it funny yet reliable that when you ask for the answer to a question people are less likely to help than if you offered an incorrect solution. Kidding aside, getting feedback on your code from developers in the wild can and will do more to help improve your practices than any kind of course. But to give you something concrete here's oracle's list for proper coding conventions when using Java. Most languages will have something similar too, so don't forget to check those out as well if you want to branch out to more than Java.

Good luck!

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