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need quester


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hi there is there anyone that could do those quests (in quote)

i want to pay via 07 gp

discord: Bolcom#2395


The corsair Curse

Doric's quest

imp catcher

the knight's sword

misthalin mystery

pirate's treasure

prince ali rescue

sheep shearer

with's potion

x marks the spot

another slice of ham

between a rock...

eadgar's ruse

eagle's peak

ghost ahoy

heroes quest

making history

olaf's quest

sea plug

sheep herder

tears of guthix

tower of life

tribal totem

troll romance


witch's house

zorge flesh eaters

Elemental workshop II

the giant dwarf

druidic ritual

Legends quest

Big chompy bird hunthing

RFD - wartface & bentnoze

RFD - pirate pete

RFD - lumbridge guide

RFD - Sir Amik Varze

RFD - Skrach Uglowee

All levels are done just need to do the quests.

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6 minutes ago, imisstiX said:

Can you please send another link because it doesnt work anymore..

I can help you out with some quests - not all tho - cheaper than him tho

Can start now.

Discord: hisid1#0324

On 2/16/2019 at 3:21 AM, defil3d said:

I have added you on discord for cheap rates :)

he is banned, he scammed customers. 

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