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Took a break from RS to play some other games. Had my fun with Black ops4, Divinity 2, MGS V, and Grim Dawn. But I miss the unique gameplay loop that writing osbot scripts + running them in OSRS has. 

IMO, OSRS has a reputation for being a drama filled and a somewhat toxic game. Such as...

- Jmod patches in exploit for Corp beast, Then buying an audi with profits from leaking bug. 

- Clans DDoSing each other for $10k

- Toxic clans

- Youtuber chooses a controversial advertiser to earn some extra money so he can immigrate to a higher cost of living country to comfortably live with his signiticant other, but in doing so earns the ire of the toxic community. 

- Efficiency scape meta revolves around gaming the server's tick rate .

- Agility EHP nerd messes up his ghost mouse settings and gets major macroed. Tries to cover it up on twitter. 

- Mobile version of game announced with large community backlash Wrong game LOL

- Poor QA in 2 seperate instances resulting in max cash stacks AND non-pvp servers becoming pvp servers. 

- Low Quality customer support exposed when players lost items from bugs but denied any support from Jagex. Until uproar from OSRS subreddit forced some resolution. 

- Jed tried to reenact the Draynor Village Bank Heist but forgot to sara strike the camera. Or didn't realize that player database read operations were logged. 


Despite that, I love this game. 

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9 minutes ago, RDM said:

bo4 is garbage, wish i didnt buy it

I like bo4 multiplayer, It's  better than the past few COD's imo. Blackout sucks however.

To the OP - welcome back to the grind ? You never can truly quit RS - at least, not me.. and I'm 23 years old. Throw scripting on top of it and it can literally turn into a full blown addiction xD

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17 hours ago, fhhhphgj said:

If I'm not mistaken I believe he's referring to AutumnElegy. 


Welcome back.


18 hours ago, Mootopia said:

Who is the agility nerd?

Was refering to Rank 1 EHP. He got 200M agility xp within a very short period of time (1hour?) by hoarding brimhaven agility tokens then spending them all at once. 

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