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botting sessions

run escapes

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6 minutes ago, Shmeekz said:

Close your eyes, and thnk about how long you would play as a person and how long of a break you would take as a person

Yea i was thinking an hour or 2 max

6 minutes ago, feggit said:

I bot 3x 2 hours every day, with a minimum of 2 hours break between every sessions

how long have you been going for without bans?

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2 hours ago, JojoStands said:

i heard most bots are similar to each other

Depends who wrote you it and how it was written. If the guy charges you less than few hundred dollars it's gonna be generic like every other script. If it's done within a few hours or same day it's another generic script. Master pieces take time to build and costs money, so you get what you pay for pretty much.

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