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Selling 100mil 07 0.8$ a mil

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I'm selling 100mil today. was just trying to get a better sell price than goldwebsites.

I am not ranked or trusted but for sure you can trust me to deliver the gold after payment. I have been playing runescape for 10 years. Selling off my gold to start botting and making scripts of my own. 

I don't want any big ammounts of  gold on my account.

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1) you're a new member with this being literally your 1st post, and yet you expect people here to trust you and pay you first

2) you're asking for what is pretty much a gold site's asking price, again with no reputation to even warrant such an asking rate

i'm all for raising the price of gold, but this just seems ludicrous. how did you even come up with such a price

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2 minutes ago, benown said:

I just looked at a gold site and lowered the price a bit :( Maybe it isn't the bet idea to sell on here. I am genuine tho

yeah i figured that's what you did. just look at previous selling/buying threads in the market section that aren't owned by gold sites for a general idea on what the gold price is when not on a gold site (it's around 0.7-0.75 right now).

also you can't expect someone to blindly trust you and go first when you have 0 reputation on this website. use a trusted middleman that can be found here. i can personally recommend Dbuffed and Roomscape who provide such services for free and are very much trusted.

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Like everyone has stated use a VMM. The thread can be found here:


And then also you should think about lowering your price. 0.70-0.75 is the going rate currently. And if you made that 100M in game then it'll still be profit therefore you don't need to worry about the price you let your gold go at.




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