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  1. Finished DT on my low level starter b gloves pure 15 prayer account!! This guy is a beast!! A++
  2. Did another 70 quest points for me very quickly! Always my go to quester!
  3. Did 13 quests for me including MM2 in a days time! There is no better quester!! A++
  4. Where are you my friend? Was thinking about you for some reason.

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    2. RoomScape


      Yeah, I’m on discord. Pm me yours if you don’t have me already and I’ll add you. 

    3. Jedi


      Sent @RoomScape <3 

      @dbuffed You know I love you :)

  5. Got me 100qp to B gloves super quick! Excellent service!! A++
  6. Jedi

    Lots of quests

    @Divergent07is doing this for me!
  7. Jedi

    Lots of quests

    Bone Voyage (with Kudos) Itchlarin's little helper Prince Ali Rescue Contact! Eadgar's Ruse Elemental Workshop 1 & 2 Enakhra's Lament Enlightened Journey (also 9 - 30 farming) The Eyes of Glouphrie Fairy Tale 1 Fairy Tale2 (just unlock rings) Family Crest The feud Fremenik Trials Ghosts Ahoy The Giant Dwarf Haunted Mine (Take multiple shards) Heroes Quest Hazeel Cult Alfred's Barcrawl Horror from the Deep Shilo Village Lunar Diplomacy Making History Monk's Friend Murder mystery Nature Spirit One Small Favour (Lamps on theiving) Rag and Bone RFD Lumby Guide RFD Monkey RFD Amik Varze Regicide Scorpion Catcher Sea Slug Shades of Morton Spirits of the Elid Tai Bwo Wanna Trio ( dont take xp rewards) A Tail of Two Cats Tears of Guthix Tribal Totem Troll Romance Watchtower Zogre Flesh Eaters Give me a price and time frame. Cheapest and fastest will be prioritized. If you're not trusted enough, be ready to leave a small deposit of 15m or so until the service is done. Only post your discord/skype once you've given me a price/timeframe.
  8. Just christmas lunch and spending time with the family.
  9. Did dream mentor and DS2 for me. Also did a quest free of cost since I needed an extra quest point! Most trustworthy guy on this site!! A+++
  10. If you have a budget of around 600m, add my discord.
  11. Do biohazard and cannon caged ogres
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