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Opening tabs doesn't work

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For me it works as expected. I've isolated the code in a empty script:

public void onStart() throws InterruptedException {

Only thing that seems wrong is that the friends and ignores tab seem to be swapped. This code opens the ignores tab first.

Next time you have a problem try isolating the problem and adding print statements. This solves most problems for me.

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1 hour ago, OELABOELA2 said:

For me it isn't able to open any of those tabs and I've added print statements all around my code. I'm not using reflection and using the 2.5.8 client. 



Strange. So you literally have something like this in your code;

log("About to open tab");
log("Opened tab");

and it only prints those 2 lines and doesn't open tab?

In that case I guess its a bug in the API :(

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