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Help me come to a decision with proxies or tell me to F#&% off.

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-Building a 100+ bot FTP suicide farm
-Subscribed to a ten core, 50gb RAM VPS (Contabo) but looking to buy another as soon as viable
-Currently shopping for proxies 

What I can't seem to wrap my head around: 
-I scour these forums and I hear a lot of different opinions on proxies when suiciding. Many people say they are a total waste if you're planning to let your
accounts get banned anyway, and some people claim that when they stopped using proxies it didn't even effect their ban rate. Ok that's all well and good, and great news
for me if it means I can get by using minimal to no proxies, but I just can't see how that would work. Wouldn't the first mass ban make it impossible for new bots on the same IP to make it past Tut isl without getting locked? 

Here's the part where I answer my own question, I know that it's basically gotta be trial and error and that I'm gonna have to figure it out for myself.
Still, any advice you guys would offer would be appreciated. 


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