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Goals that I have for my stay at OSBot

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I feel that this thread might be a little bit overdue but here it is :)

Just a little bit of backstory about me...

It isn't something that I brag about but my beginnings here quite literally began here after watching crumb's video about @Dbuffed . Soon after, I came to the forums and he was if not the first person I have ever spoken to. If it wasn't for him being as welcoming as he was towards a newcomer, I don't think I would be here today learning so much from all the OSBot veterans here so I am thankful for that. Throughout my stay, I have met some incredibly nice people so far that have gone out of their way to help me even though they didn't have to and I feel the best way to repay that is to make something of myself here. 

In the long run, I hope to become a name as well known as a lot of the big players here but for me, it is all about baby steps. And you best believe I am going to rock it all the way to the top, but for now, I will be doing services under @Hanul which will definitely be beneficial towards my beginnings here at OSBot.


List of goals Feedback that I have for myself to hit

-Aquire 50 Positive Feedback

-Aquire 100 Positive Feedback

-Aquire 250 Positive Feedback

-Aquire 500 Positive Feedback

-Aquire 1000 Positive Feedback


Feedback will be hard, sure. But another major goal of mine is to become an incredibly successful gold-farmer. I plan on having two different gold-farms as of now. One that will be P2P collection based and the other Zulrah based.

List of goals for Gold Farming that I have for myself

50 Collection accounts botting                 10 Zulrah accounts botting

100 Collection accounts botting                   25 Zulrah accounts botting

200 Collection Accounts Botting                  50 Zulrah accounts botting

300 Collection Accounts Botting                100 Zulrah accounts botting

100M Profit

250M Profit

500M Profit

1000M Profit

I just thought I would share my overall goals and main focus while I will be here at OSBot :)I have a very long grind ahead of me but I am sure with all of yall's support I can do it. So far this community has been nothing but amazing and I hope it stays that way. I will be updating my thread as well so I can keep track of my progression throughout my time here. Thank you all for reading and *fingers crossed* it's time for me to work on making my goals a reality!:D


Will be posting every couple of days to update y'all on my progress throughout

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Update: 8/21/2018

So far progress towards my gold-farm has been great. Finally found a scripter that could write my complicated request and I am working with him. Ty @Eagle Scripts ! As for feedback I have finally hit a small personal goal of 10 positive Feedback!

The grind has been slow taking on big-ish orders but I finally made it :) 40 more to go till I can finally check off something on my list :D 




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