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Why it should be removed:Night can send u all the screenshot i send u from the other the guy came with racist words tried to tell night that i did not give him 2 bonds so i could give him 2 more everything on screenshot

Details:He was a moron after he recived his 14m and 2 bonds he started saying "moron, fuck you, strap a bomb on self and make a explosion (because i'm arab), so bassicly he tried to scam me for 2 more bonds :)

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14 hours ago, Decode said:

Can you please post these screenshots here? Also i’ve asked camley to reply here to explain what went on.

i think your banned my other acc tranquiloo he typed it in the pms between me and night and camley

i gave him 14m first then 2 bonds after like 2 days then night asked him to confirm and camley responded i did not get the 2 bonds so i sent night screenshot where he confirm its him with 2 bonds and then night unbanned me :)

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