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Going for Jad Pet.

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I never had a fire cape before. I never even attempted it because I was always told about how hard it was and that essentially just scared me from even trying it. Been playing this game for over 10 years and never had a fire cape just because I never cared about it enough but I never tried because of all the hype and fear people instilled upon me.


I tried for my fire cape last week and got it pretty easily. I never thought it would be this easy and now I'm looking back and thinking about how bad all those kids were who were scaring tf out of me telling me how hard it is to get.


So...Since no one has yet won my last possible giveaway with the water bottles, I'm going to do another one. It won't be instant but I'll do a 10m giveaway to whoever can guess the amount of attempts it takes for me to get the Jad Pet.



  • One entry per post per week.
    • If you use up more entries, your winnings will be reduced to 1m.
  • You can edit your posts.
    • If you edit your post, your winnings will be reduced to 1m.
  • Guesses reset weekly. If you made a guess last week then it must be updated (new post) the next week.
  • If multiple people guess the same KC, then the first will be rewarded the majority depending on how many guessed.
    • If multiple people give the correct KC, any edited posts will be disqualified.
  • I must get at least 1KC per week.
    • If I don't get 1KC in a week - unless something serious happens irl - then I will pay out 1m per unedited post.
  • I must screenshot each KC to prove whether I received the pet or not.
    • The screenshots will be uploaded once per week. Exception will be when I receive the pet at which this ends.
  • Bonus 10m if anyone guesses the time I beat the fight in.
    • Time must be within 20 seconds and must not be edited. No multiple winnings.


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19 minutes ago, Evade said:

Sounds fun. Can you also post a picture of stats and gear used. Would be hard to guess a time without it.

So I just went in and would you believe I took regular restores instead of super restores... I had to kill myself to reset fml



79 Range

77 Def

80 Pray

82 HP

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8 minutes ago, daamurda said:

ru trading capes in for a chance too or keeping a bunch of capes

I'll probably do that later on but want to just get the pet first. May end up doing slayer since I can unlock Jad. Don't have a slayer helm but still it's double the chance for the pet and I get free 25k slay xp also.

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