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neutral feedback

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I wish to say that the feedback I recived is wrongfully left for me.

He caused a trouble which I solved

On top of this (from a dispute) his discord name is fishy (coincidence my Skype name is Im.fishy) ohh the account was created In Sweden? Hmm did I mention in my dispute that I was from Sweden. Something feeös a bit fishy here (pun intended).


The feedback I got from him was unfair and should in no way be put on me.


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1 minute ago, Night said:

@Tehgousch did you and @bmw1996 have a transaction that the feedback was left for? We need some more context

The feedback is left after my resent dispute on him, the trade was done on February.

I left him a neutral for the way he treated me when he randomly refunded the money and wanted me to send it to another PayPal.


His dispute basically says that I'm in TWC or something which I don't really get.

I'm on phone rn so can't really Link disputes but it was named "a strange request"

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