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Trying to typeString throws and error

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Hello! So whenever I try to type a string to the keyboard I get this error.

getKeyboard().typeString("250", true);


[ERROR][Bot #1][07/31 02:25:53 PM]: Error in script executor!
    at core.Main.onLoop(Main.java:386)
    at org.osbot.rs07.event.ScriptExecutor$InternalExecutor.run(kl:223)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)


I've tried keyboard.typeString() and getKeyboard().typeString() but nothing seems to be working. Anyone got any ideas?

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4 hours ago, Khaleesi said:

There is a nullpointer exception on something else ... so you must null check?
Show more of your code? :)

Core.Main line 386?

Managed to figure it out. Actually just moved to a different way. This was part of my GE script and sellItem wasnt working then I realized Im getting the same error and realized I had a capital on an Item name. Thanks for you guy's help!

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