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Hi Everyone,

Returning player to ORS here after a long absence from the game and it's still as great as I remember, my only regret is not making hardcore straight away..

Everywhere I've been has given me memories of the first time I was there with added new graphics.. The hours grinding or cutting and mining all somehow still seem worth it when I realize its 4am the next day.

Anyway I've been looking at ways to get the most out of the game and cutting back on the replay of skilling so I thought I'd come here.. 
New to bots and scripts so please go easy on me while i test the waters and see if it's worth investing.

Hope to see some of you around online, not 100% sure if IGN names can be posted here so i'll hold that for now but in the meantime any tips / suggestions to help me get on my feet faster would be appreciated :)

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welcome, id refrain from posting ur ign for everyone to see incase somehow it gets reported to jagex for being on a botting website. Dont bot on an account you care about, expect bans its a trial and error thing. and also dont bot crazy hours bot like youd normally play. Check forums for random guides, and u can always head to the chatbox to ask people for help aswell

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